Press Release: 29th October, 2021

Top strategist unveils New Zealand’s first ever strategic roadmap for living successfully in the new Covid-19 environment

Roadmap provides a clear vision, aspirational goals and concise action steps to help the people of New Zealand move forward together in 2022


To help give the people of New Zealand a clearer vision and pathway for a better 2022, master strategist, Ben M. Bartlett, is pleased to unveil New Zealand’s first ever strategic roadmap. It is called The Strategic Freedom Roadmap.

Merging his strategy and commercial expertise with his Maori and wellness perspectives, Bartlett’s roadmap acknowledges that we are now living in an environment where Covid-19 is now part of our every day lives.  More importantly, it provides a pathway that will strategically progress New Zealand’s economic, health, education and social well-being in 2022.

Shown below, Bartlett’s roadmap advocates for New Zealand to be at level 1 on January 1, 2022, with full international freedom on February 1, 2022.


As illustrated, Bartlett’s roadmap has three inter-related phases:

  • Strategic Risk Mindset phase
  • Pareto Health Strategy phase
  • KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) Social and Economic reboot phase

For each phase Bartlett has developed visual models that clearly illustrate how each phase is to operate, including:

  • Strategic Risk model
  • Pareto Health Model
  • Hauora 5 Health program
  • Three tier treatment system
  • Simplified Traffic Light system

A unique viewpoint and perspective not yet seen in New Zealand

Bartlett’s roadmap brings with it three key perspectives and criteria.  And collectively these showcase a unique viewpoint and solution that has not yet been presented by the government or other political and business leaders.  The perspectives are:

The economic and strategy perspective. Bartlett is a qualified strategist and strategic advisor with a high-level of experience in the commercial sector.  Bartlett has been a practicing master strategist since 2001 and holds an MBA with a specialisation in strategic thinking from the University of Waikato.  He is also a pioneer of a discipline known as design thinking for strategy, is the creator of The Strategy Toolkit and is an expert practitioner of one page strategic planning.

An old Maori man’s perspective. Born in Gisborne (Ngati Porou iwi, Ngati Konohi hapu), Bartlett is fiercely proud of his Maori heritage.  He has a close whanau connection to Te Kani-a-Takirau, a well known Ngati Porou chief, and calls Whangara, Gisborne his spiritual home.  One of his grandfathers lies buried at the war cemetery in Florence, Italy after being killed in action in World War II. Also, his other grandfather was a respected Maori Battalion veteran and member of the Gisborne RSA.

Aged in his late 50s, Bartlett has lived through and experienced significant events that have shaped New Zealand history, including the land rights and racial discrimination in the 1970s, and the 1981 Springbok tour.

The Hauora (wellness) practitioner perspective.  Bartlett is a long-time health and fitness fanatic, runs 5-6 times a week, works out with weights, is a non-smoker, non-drinker, practices plant-based nutrition, is a masters athlete, has a BMI of 21.5 and a resting heart rate of 50 beats per minute.  And, as part of his Hauora approach, Bartlett is committed to the practice of spiritual/mental wellness.

Bartlett’s roadmap is visionary and bold, yet is bound to be controversial.  However, he believes it is the strategic solution New Zealand needs to move forward together in 2022 in all areas of life. Social, economic and financial, physical wellness, education and emotional wellness.

Bartlett’s clarion call is United We Stand. Let’s Be Together. Let’s Move Together.

Over the next week Bartlett will be releasing his roadmap report in stages, together with the other models and visuals he has developed.  These will be added to this website and will also be available as PDF downloads. Questions about the roadmap may be directed to ben (at)